Anush Kumar V


Hello World!. Welcome to my website. I am currently working as a software engineer at JPMorgan & Chase. In my free time, I try to work on projects related to natural language processing (NLP). I am currently exploring how language models are used to solve math word problems.

Below are some of my primary experiences; please find a PDF version of my complete resume at my github repo (link).


  1. Anush Kumar, Nihal V. Nayak, Aditya Chandra and Mydhili K. Nair. Study on Unsupervised Statistical Machine Translation for Backtranslation. Proceedings of Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP 2019),Varna, Bulgaria. (link)

Hopefully I can add more here soon :)

Work Experience

  1. J.P.Morgan & Chase (Jan 2019 - present)
    1. Contributed to a new heuristic-based calculator. It takes into account market parameters and determines the risk associated with multiple clients the firm actively trades with.
    2. Refactored the legacy code responsible for the distribution logic of processing multiple clients at the same time. It helped in reducing the execution time by 4 hours.
    3. Contributed to migrating the codebase from python 2.7 to python 3.6
  2. Inc (Jun 2018 to Aug 2018)
    1. Developed a data scraping tool using python. It helped in automatically downloading publicly available documents from financial domains and extract key data points.
    2. Tagged data to identify the regions containing tabular data in PDF-based documents. The data helped in training a CNN-based model to extract tabular information.